Monday, August 25, 2014

The Things That Get Missionaries Excited

Hi everyone!

This week was a really good week. Today, we had Zone P-day at the Oregon State Fair which is why my email is so late and it will be kind of short. BUT I have a lot of pictures (below) so hopefully that'll make up for it.

We met the sweetest family this week.  There's a mom and her four boys and they just came here from Mexico in December.  They're from Michocan which is the town that most people we meet are from.  It is extremely dangerous there. There are so many people being slain in that town lately by the drug cartels; so many little boys being kidnapped and forced to either join the cartel or be slain as well.  Because of this, this family with so many boys got specially evacuated by the President of Mexico and has written permission from Obama to be here. Crazy, so crazy.  They just got here in December and the boys are really struggling because they don't speak any English, it's a new country and they're just having a hard time. But anyways, we met them this week and they want so badly to learn. We're so excited to teach them. 

Here's a funny thing that happened this week.  There's this member we've been trying to visit for three weeks and they're NEVER home. This week we passed by and we could hear music coming from their apartment and we were SO excited we could finally see them. Sister Perez got so excited that she tripped going up the stairs. We started laughing and she got up and kept going and got aaaaaaalmost to the top before she tripped again and actually fell to the ground this time. All because we could FINALLY see these people.  Man, the things that get missionaries excited.

We also had a fireside this last week with Sheri Dew which was super cool. She's an AWESOME speaker. I'll tell you more about what she said next week because I don't have my notes this week. 

Sorry the email is so short; it's so tricky without the Ipads. 

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  1. What a fun P-Day with the whole zone! Love the pictures!