Monday, September 22, 2014

Just a normal, uneventful week

Hi everyone!

Another week down! So crazy that this is the last full week of September.  Let me just say that Oregon does not have a real fall season. It makes me super sad. It's been 90 degrees every single day up until today when it suddenly dropped to 65 degrees and cloudy.  So weird.

We had a good week this week but it was kind of uneventful in terms of stories. The oldest member of the S______ family had a birthday this week so we went over to celebrate and the mom taught us how to make HOMEMADE TORTILLAS that are absolutely delicious. It was so exciting. I told her how my mom doesn't know how to make tortillas and that we just buy them from the store and she was SHOCKED.  She said I have to come home and make them for you and show you how.  I promised I would.  She also fed us the most delicious rice and beans and salsa of my life! She told me that, because I now know how to make tortillas, I'm officially a woman and ready to get married. The S_______'s also came to church for the first time this week and they LOVED it, especially the mom.  She just kept saying how beautiful and wonderful it was and every time we would sing a song she would clap afterwards.  It was adorable. 

Also, do you remember that old family joke about how when I first started driving I asked if I could turn left on red? Well, guess what? In Oregon you CAN turn left on red, if you're turning onto a one way street. The roads in Oregon are so weird, almost every one is one way. I guess that wasn't such a ridiculous question after all.  So, we can just go ahead and put that joke to rest. 

I'm really happy to be with Hermana Perez here in Salem.  Her and I get along super SUPER well. I think it's so cool to be with someone from the East Coast.  We definitely bond over things like Wawa, Rita's, and the fact that pineapple isn't supposed to go on pizza.  We teach really well together, too, because neither of us have really overwhelming personalities so we're easily able to take equal loads.  I've talked her into coming to BYU after our missions so we can be roommates. 

My mission has definitely changed a lot of things, not the least of which being my taste buds. I eat shrimp all the time.  For some reason EVERYONE feeds us shrimp.  There's this one dish they make with shrimp and cilantro and tomatoes in this tomato juice with tostadas. I've really come to like it a lot.  I also now add hot sauce to almost everything.  Do you know how good hot sauce is on popcorn? 

I'm sorry this is such a bad email, I'm trying to think of big things that happened that would make good stories to tell you but I can't think of anything.  I think it was just a normal, uneventful week. We talked to new people, taught a lot of lessons, just normal missionary things. 

Love you all!  Love you so much!!!!

Hermana Meise

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