Monday, December 8, 2014

I'm gonna be a Mom!

Hi everyone!!

It's been a super good week! The most exciting thing that happened was that Sister Cardon and I found out that we're going to be "Moms"!  In mission lingo, that basically just means we're getting a trainee. So, this Thursday, we're going to get a new missionary straight from the MTC and, for the next twelve weeks, we'll be living the trio life and showing her the ropes. We're super excited! There are five Hermanas (out of 15 total) going home this transfer and six coming in so a huge turnover. We're trying to brainstorm and plan right now to make sure that this training cycle, everyone gets the best start they possibly can. It'll be great! 

I'm not sure if I already told this story, but a couple weeks ago we got a call from Elders in a different area giving us a referral. When we went and contacted them, Hermana Cardon kept saying, "I just think I know her from somewhere."  When we went back for our next lesson, after asking a couple of questions she realized that she had taught her about a year-and-a-half ago in her first area in West Salem.  Crazy, huh?  So we've been teaching her for a couple of weeks and we also started teaching her sister that lives there with her. This last week we had a lesson with her sister. We had given her a Book of Mormon the last time so we asked her if she read and she recounted to us the whole first vision. It was awesome. 

We also finally had a lesson this last Saturday with a referral we've been trying to contact pretty much the whole time I've been in this area. We stopped by Saturday morning and she allowed us to come in and teach her and her 18-year-old daughter, Carina. They are such a sweet family! They were telling us how Carina is in college while her mom is trying to finish her GED. Stories like that never cease to amaze me, that just in one generation so much can change and this whole world of opportunity can open up because they were able to come to this country. It's so, so cool. As we got into the lesson, Carina started crying as she told us about how in today's world, so many people get distracted and forget God, forget that He loves us, forget their purpose. It was a really sweet experience. 

We also had MLC (Mission Leadership Council) this week. Sister Samuelian talked about pride which reminded me of that lesson Mom gave a couple of years ago that she talked about all the time. Her remarks were based on the talk Beware of Pride and basically she talked about how pride is enmity against God, anything that makes us think our way is better than His way. 

Our Christmas Conference isn't until the 22nd of December so no need to worry, Mom, I'll get it in time! (her Christmas box)  I'm so excited to get the packages! We'll be in Newberg on Thursday so I'll be able to, hopefully, pick up the birthday ones.  i think we might be able to Skype on Christmas day in the Family History Center but I'll figure out a way! 

Here's some pictures from the week:

 Christmas tree in the Mission home

Some of the missionaries from the district and Kika, awesome member!  You might remember her from the temple pictures.



Note from mom:  Thankfully, I already knew what the term "Mom" meant in mission lingo before her email came so she didn't get me this time!  The talk she referred to is such a great one that I quoted from when I gave the lesson she referred to.  One of the family jokes is how I kept reminding everyone when they were saying something prideful but then noted that by doing so, I, myself, was being prideful.  Here's a link to the talk if you'd like to read or watch it in its entirety:  Beware of Pride

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