Monday, February 9, 2015

A Super CRAZY Week

Hi everyone!

This week was a great one. First of all: we're in a trio again! Hermana Aubrey, who has been serving in this ward with us since September, just had her companion go home today. We dropped her off in Newberg really early this morning and, for the next couple of weeks, we'll be serving in a trio, working two areas. It's going to be crazy but it definitely made the most sense. That way, Hermana Aubrey doesn't have to get sent somewhere else and she can still keep all her same investigators. It's definitely the most logical thing but it's also going to make things super crazy hectic for the next few weeks. 

This week has been packed full of crazy things. I don't think I ever told you that Hermana Barrios was called as the other STL (Sister Training Leader). More likely than not, we'll end up being companions at some point. So exciting! This week, we were asked to train in the Zone Training Meeting for the McMinnville Zone. They called us on Thursday afternoon and the meeting was Friday morning. We had a packed day on Thursday so we really didn't have any time to plan anything out. Hermana Barrios and I had agreed to meet 45 minutes before the meeting started in order to really firm things up. Hermana Gifford and I were driving from Salem all the way into Dayton and we left early to make sure we'd have plenty of time. The GPS was taking us a back way through all of this farmland and, at this point, it said we were only about 15 minutes away from our destination.

We make a turn and, all of the sudden, the GPS says "In 1.2 miles, board ferry." We started laughing really hard and we were like, "No way, it can't actually mean that, there has to be a bridge, right? How does it expect us to take our car on a ferry?" We drive the 1.2 miles and, sure enough, there's this little teeny tiny river with a ferry that takes two cars at a time back and forth. It was a "toll ferry" so it cost $8 in cash.  We didn't have any cash on us so we had to turn around and take a detour. That detour made it so we didn't arrive until about 10 minutes before the meeting was to start. Hermana Barrios and I sat down, talked about a few of the thoughts we had going into it, and that was pretty much all we had time for. We said a prayer pleading for help and guidance and for the Spirit to make up the difference in what we didn't have time to plan. Literally only by the grace of God, the whole meeting, all of the training given by everyone, had a really sweet Spirit. The crazy night/morning we had was definitely a huge contrast to the actual meeting, I went from feeling totally stressed and worried to feeling totally calm and guided in the things that we shared. 

After the Zone Training Meeting, we met three new women that are so awesome! The first one is Carmen. We'd gotten her information as a referral and stopped by a few times but she was never there.  It was always one of her kids answering the door who would tell us that she was either sleeping or working. We FINALLY were able to catch her and talk to her and we had a really good conversation about prayer. She's a single mom of seven kids, the littlest one is only three years old. She was telling us how important prayer has been to her in her life and how it's the only thing that has given her peace. We also met Fernanda.  She was taught by missionaries in the past and really wants to learn more about the scriptures.  She understands all the blessings that can come from studying them and really wants those for her life. We also met Carolina. Her sister-in-law and their family attend a ward in West Salem and her nephew is actually on a mission right now in Hawaii. She wants to understand their beliefs and why and what her nephew is doing. 

We're really looking forward to this week and all the great things to come.  We're especially looking forward to being super duper EXTRA busy!

Love you,

Hermana Meise

A view from my window while stopped on a bridge...

Oregon shirts that say "won not done" that were to be sold after the National Championship Game except they actually lost. The shirts were $3 at Dick's so we bought them.

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