Monday, May 11, 2015

After our Mother's Day Skype...

Hi everyone!

It was so nice being able to Skype yesterday. I feel like since I just talked to you, I don't really know what to say to update you on everything. BUT last night was a super exciting night so I guess I'll just tell you about that. 

After we finished Skyping, we went to dinner at a member's house. I think I told you yesterday that Bend is super outdoorsy and typically what you would think the northwest would be like. So, for dinner, we had trout fish the husband had caught on a recent fishing trip and, I kid you not, they literally just chopped the head off, stuck it in tinfoil, put it on the grill, and then served it to us with the fins and tails and skin and bones and everything! I have never seen anything like that in my entire life. We literally had to rummage through the fish and pick through the bones to eat it. I am deffffffinitely a city girl because I was struggling with it hardcore. It just blew my mind. A WHOLE FISH on the plate. I guess at least they cut the head off first, right?

They gave us some cake and pie to take home. All of our lessons fell through for the night so we were wondering what to do. We thought of our investigator, Jean. We decided to take our dessert over and see if she'd let us come inside and share it with her. Usually, she never wants us to come inside because she lives in a trailer and doesn't feel like she has room for guests. When we got to her house, it started pouring outside so between the rain and the cake, she let us in which was a miracle in and of itself. I'm not sure if you remember but while we were Skyping yesterday, we got a text from our ward mission leader saying that Jean had said she was ready to get baptized whenever. When we asked her about that she told us the whole story and then went off on this tangent about something else. We were like, "Wait, wait, wait Jean, so are you serious or are you kidding?" and she said, "No I'm totally serious!" So we said, "Well do you want to pick a date?" and she said, "Well the fireside is on Friday so maybe Saturday?" Hahaha it was the craziest thing ever because just two weeks ago she said she was NOT ready to pick a date. We had an awesome lesson with her on Saturday about recognizing answers to prayers and how sometimes we don't even realize that we already received our answers; we're so busy looking through the trees that we don't even see the forest. That really struck a chord with her and she decided she really has already received that answer through the way that she feels about the gospel and the Book of Mormon. So exciting!!!! So now we're throwing together a baptism for Saturday and it's going to be awesome!!!! Welp, that was our miracle of the night!

With Jean


Hermana Meise

More pics...
Zone picture...the senior missionary couple, the Abrams, were leaving to go work in the office and this was their last district meeting

We drove to Newberg the day before our MLC and stayed the night with the Newberg sisters and their mini missionary

An awesome lunch we made for ourselves one day. (She is very happy to be eating more healthily in her new area.)

One of our dinner appointments had to cancel so they gave us an Olive Garden gift card instead!

We taught the Sunbeam Class yesterday.

More pictures I took while Skyping...





Note from Mom:  I realize this is probably "Hayley picture overload" for most of you reading this but I love having all these pictures that help me relive every moment of our Mother's Day Skype call yesterday. So I guess this "overload" is really for me :-)

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