Monday, May 12, 2014

Another great week!


My Ipad had to be sent back to Salt Lake because some of the configuration features were off so I only have a little time to write at the library right now.

We had interviews with the President on Tuesday and that was another amazing experience. He is seriously the most incredible man and I love him and his wife so, so much. We talked to him about the English classes we're teaching at the church and he gave us some really good ideas about how we can expand it into something really big and really great by including  classes about legal services, citizenship process, job fairs, etc. He told us to put ourselves in the participant's shoes and think about what keeps them up at night and then base the class around that. We're really excited for all of the potential that it has. We had our first English classes this past week and it went well. The hardest part is having people on different levels and making sure that we're meeting their needs.

Another cool thing happened with a less active member this week. This guy has been a member for eight years but fell away from the church almost immediately. He's been seeing missionaries for a long, long, long time but hasn't really made any changes. We've been talking to him a lot lately about Patriarchal Blessings and the Priesthood and I'm not sure what, but something clicked for him and he's working towards both.  He basically decided "he's in".

Today we went to Tillamook and went on a hike and then went over to the Cheese Factory to sample some cheese and get some ice cream. The hike was so pretty, Oregon seriously has the most diverse kinds of trees and plants ever.  Everything grows here and moss is everywhere. It's actually pretty cool. Afterwards we came back and had zone p-day where we all went bowling. It was fun! My zone is pretty cool.

As for next Sunday, I think we're going to end up skyping in the morning probably like 8:00 a.m. my time so 11:00 a.m. your time? Let me know if that works or if you'd rather do the afternoon.

Again, sorry this letter was so short but I love you and can't wait to talk more next week!


Note from Mom:  I was waiting to post this email from last week until this week HOPING she would have pictures of Tillamook, eating ice cream, the rest of the week....  But, no.  She sent a few photos; most from previous week's activities, none labeled.  So, above is the ONE lonely photo she sent from her hike this week.  I'm still hoping for more!  CLEARLY, she did not inherit my photos-are-important gene.


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