Monday, June 23, 2014

Changes and fresh Cornelius

Hi everyone!

I apologize once again for my lack of email last week.  We went to Newberg to go see President; that's why we didn't have a chance to send emails.  And I'm so sorry for my short email again this week. I was driving all day and got very, very lost on the way home (so lost, in fact, that we ended up out of the mission- yikes!)

Today was transfer day. Sister McCrite and I were not transferred; however, both Sister Barrios and Sister Bate were. They are now bringing Spanish Elders in to work with the branch. It's really sad but it makes sense. One of the other consequences of transfers is that our district was split. So now, instead of having 16 people in our district, we have six. It'll be interesting for sure!
 Half of what used to be our district

Things are going really well here, though. We're making a more concentrated effort to really talk to more people that we see on the street. This isn't just an effort by Sister McCrite and me; mission-wide we're trying to open our mouths and talk to everyone. It has been hard and intimidating but really, really good. We've had amazing conversations with amazing people. It's funny, too, how when you LOOK for people to talk to, you seem to find more and more.

I'm so glad that I'm staying in this area. I love it so much. I love the people, love the landscape, it's wonderful. It's kind of cool how every new transfer is like a fresh start, you know? We can reassess and recommit to do things better these next six weeks.

We had a baptism last week in Council Creek. It was one of the Elder's long time investigators that we worked with a few times as well. Her name is Ginger and she is just the sassiest old lady that you've ever met in your whole life.

The other day we were at a potluck after the baptism of one of the primary kids and we met this little girl named Nani. She is so cute. We started talking to her about missionaries and how, even though she can't be a missionary like us until she's older, she can still be a missionary now. She got really upset and said she COULDN'T because she didn't have a TAG like us. So we made her that little tag that's on her shirt. I think you can tell she was a little excited.

On our P-Day last week, we did service at a member's house by washing her enormous dog.  Seriously, these pictures can't even convey how huge that dog is:


One of the Elders kept asking me to cut his hair so finally I said, "Fine, I'll cut your hair but I'm not making any guarantees because I don't know how."  I cut his hair under the instruction of Sister Nissinen. It was actually fun; I now want to learn how to cut boys' hair.

The vitamins you bought are INCREDIBLE. they seriously give me so much energy, it's amazing. I got the shoes today, too. I haven't worn them yet but they're cute.

I love you!  Have a good week!

Hermana Meise

Note from Mom:  Hayley never has had a very good sense of direction so I'm not surprised she keeps getting lost.  They really should provide her with a GPS!

More pictures without descriptions:

 Conference with Elder Martino from a few weeks back?

 Another random selfie?

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