Monday, June 9, 2014

My "uneventful" week...

Hi everyone!

This week has been fairly uneventful; honestly, so sorry if this email is on the short side. 

We had Stake Conference this past weekend! It was really wonderful. I love our Stake President.  He is an amazing man. They talked a lot about missionary work and how sharing the gospel, fellowshipping less actives, and doing temple work is all the same work. President and Sister Samuelian were there as well and, as always, it's so nice to be around them.

One of the reasons this week was so uneventful in other ways is because it was so eventful in terms of bike troubles. First, my bike that I originally bought from Walmart turned out to be the worst bike ever. I may or may not have picked it out based solely on the fact that it was teal so I probably deserved it. But basically, no matter what gear it was in, I would pedal and pedal and go nowhere. Then, Sister Barrios had a flat tire.  Then, Sister Barrios and Sister Bate had their chains randomly pop off.  It was crazy. Because of all this, we ended up walking a lot. It was good though; we talked to some people and helped a lady weed her yard so it all worked out.

Thanks for the pepperoni bread recipe! I was craving it so bad. We gave one of the loaves to the Elders and they said it was the "best bread they've ever had" so I'm sure they'd want me to pass along their appreciation as well. 

Did I ever tell you about Sister McCrite? She's my companion now, of course. She's awesome. I seriously love her so much. She is one of the best question askers in the whole world. She asks the kind of questions that make you have to think through and process the situation. She also makes up incredible analogies on the spot. The other night we were teaching this less active member who really loves dogs and she came up with this perfect analogy about search and rescue dogs that really helped it click for him. She's the perfect parable maker.

The couple I spoke of a few weeks ago are doing well. This past week when we went over, we purposely went with the intent of splitting the mom and dad up so they would each have the opportunity to speak. Sister McCrite and I took the dad and he was telling us about his desire to share the gospel but the fear that holds him back from telling those he knows about it. Sister Barrios and Sister Bate took the mom and talked to her about patriarchal blessings and she was so adamant about wanting one. We figured out where there is a Spanish patriarch and hopefully we'll be able to set that up for her in the next few weeks. Seriously, what better to help you know for sure that God is aware of you than a patriarchal blessing?

Hudson is SO CUTE. I'm so jealous you all were together without me. I can't wait to see him when I get back. When are they coming back to visit again?

I'm so sorry about the cars but, honestly, I just echo what Dad said, at least it wasn't one of us. (I backed into my husband's car on Sunday so we now have TWO damaged cars.  Ugh.)

I love you guys. I'm so sorry I don't take more pictures! Here's a couple of us berry picking and another random one.  I'll try harder to take more.



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