Friday, October 31, 2014

A letter from President Samuelian

31 October 2014 

Dear Sister Hayley Elizabeth Meise,

Congratulations on your new calling as a Sister Trainer Leader in the Oregon 
Salem Mission!  This honor and responsibility comes to very few sisters in the 
entire mission.

No other calling, other than training a new missionary, will have more 
importance while serving the Lord.  As a Sister Trainer Leader you will be 
responsible for the training and welfare of female missionaries assigned to you. 
You will be a member of and participate in, the new Mission Leadership Council 
(MLC).  Sister Training Leaders will continue to proselyte and will also spend 
time each week training and evaluating the needs of female missionaries. You 
will report directly to the Mission President on the needs of sister 
missionaries. You will also work closely with Sister Samuelian as part of your 
new duties.

Your parents and priesthood leaders will also receive a copy of this message. To 
them we say how thankful we are for sending this great sister to us, and know 
that your hopes and dreams will in great measure be fulfilled in their service.

The call to leadership is best done by example. Those you serve will watch you 
and will desire to become like you. This will require you to be faithful, 
diligent and most importantly, loving in all you do.

Your calling comes through inspiration and qualification from your Father in 
Heaven. It is a sacred trust given to you, from Him.  Know also of my trust and 
gratitude for your willingness to accept and fulfill this calling.

With Love,


President Samuelian 

CC:  Stake President, Bishop & Parents

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  1. No surprises, but certainly nice to know others recognize what we all see in and love about Sister Meise.