Monday, January 26, 2015

The Lord truly works in mysterious ways

Hi everyone! 

It's been another good week. It's definitely different not having three of us but we're just working along!

We had some cool experiences this week. Do you remember Margarita? She was a girl we were teaching over the summer. She's 17 years old and a senior in High School. We met her at her grandpa's baptism. We taught her for a little while but ended up stopping because she was always busy with school and after school activities and we could never catch her at home. Well, last week we got a call from the Elders letting us know that Margarita's grandfather had passed away.  They asked us if we'd be able to go visit with her and see if we could offer her some comfort. We stopped by the following day and, for the first time in months, we actually were able to catch her at home. It was an especially hard loss for her because her grandfather was her best friend.  She 's lived with him her whole life.  We were able to talk to her about the Plan of Happiness and how comforting it is to know that endings in this life aren't really endings at all, that we have the hope and peace of knowing that there is life after this, and that we can be reunited with our families one day, never to be separated again. 

We also had another great lesson this week with Laura. I'm not sure if I've explained about her before so I'll do it again just to be safe. When Hermana Perez and I first pinkwashed this area, Laura was one of the names on the list of people they had been teaching. Hermana Perez and I had tried to stop by and see her SO many times but she was never there or she was sleeping or some other excuse. A few weeks ago, Hermana Cardon, Hermana Gifford, and I were trying to look for some place where we could street contact and talk to some people. We were driving around with no real success and we were getting a little frustrated. We thought that maybe we could try a park, so we searched for one in the GPS and ended up at this little, teeny tiny park that was ABSOLUTELY deserted. We were pretty much at the end of our patience. I looked around and said, "Hey wait a minute! I know where we are! There's someone who used to take the missionary lessons that lives right there!"  We went and knocked on the door and she let us in.  We were able to teach a lesson with her that very first day!  Since then, we've been able to see her pretty consistently. It was awesome. Definitely a testimony that the Lord has His own timing for everything. This week she said that she's willing to be baptized when she knows that the Book of Mormon is true. She prayed for the first time in a lesson with us this week as well. She was very hesitant, but we kept encouraging her and she did it. She gave an awesome prayer. 

Lately, we've been trying to go through our old area book to try and contact people that have been taught in the past. It's been a little tricky; we've found that missionaries are not the best record keepers. There are so many addresses that are incomplete or literally just don't exist. We've definitely hit a few brick walls. But, we've also seen some success as well. We arrived at an address the other day and found out that it was an apartment complex but we didn't have an apartment number. We ended up just knocking on a door to try and ask them if they knew the person we were looking for. The woman didn't, but she was super nice and we have an appointment to go back and see her next week. The Lord truly works in mysterious ways. 

Have a great week! 


Hermana Meise

Nohely's farewell...she'll be serving in Kirkland, Ohio

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