Monday, March 9, 2015

This week's adventures...

My job as her "mom" is complete

Hi everyone!

This was for sure one of the craziest weeks of my whole mission. So many things so out of the ordinary. First of all, on Monday night, I got sick for the first time in my whole mission. I made it so long, I seriously thought I'd be able to escape it but almost right after emailing on Monday, I got super dizzy and sick. We thought for sure I'd caught some 24 hour flu but I woke up the next morning totally fine. Super duper blessed. 

The next day we had transfers and, just like I guessed, Hermana Barrios came up here to North Salem. It's been really awesome being reunited after living together our first few months on the mission, but what's been cool is to really see how much we've both changed since those days in Forest Grove (a whole year ago!). We're definitely both a lot more fearless and bold, I know great things are about to happen. 

The night of transfers, we were asked by President to drive to the Portland Airport to pick up the new Hermana that was coming in from Mexico so he could do all of the traditional stuff they do with the departing missionaries. So Hermana Barrios and I got to drive to Portland and it ended up being quite the adventure. We obviously had no idea how to get there so we plugged in the GPS and left early enough to be there 30 minutes before her flight was to arrive. Well, the GPS led us to the middle of a neighborhood. It turns out we accidentally selected the destination as a Portland Airport SHUTTLE stop instead of the actual airport! We scrambled around to try and get there and ended up arriving 10 minutes after her flight was expected to land. We parked, hurried inside, and went to the gate where President told us she would be arriving, and nobody was there. We ran down to the baggage claim and all of the luggage was already gone. Obviously, she didn't have a cell phone or any way for us to contact her so we ran back and forth across the airport trying to figure out where she was. Finally, we found a place where we could page her.  We did and it turns out the whole time she had been standing just outside the doors closest to the baggage claim. Her name is Hermana Holt and she is so awesome! She is just so excited to be a missionary and already gave someone a Book of Mormon while she was at the airport. 

After that night, things settled down quite a bit. We saw Margarita and taught her about the Plan of Salvation. It's so interesting how, even though as missionaries you teach the same lessons every time, it's different with every single person. With her, the lesson was focused around how knowing about the Plan of Salvation helps us to understand our true identity, meaning that we are literally sons and daughters of God. Once we understand our true identity and its implications, all of the choices we have to make in this life become more simple. 

This Saturday we'll be going to the temple with Rogelio! We're super excited and know that it'll be a really special experience for him. 

Love you all! Have a great week!


Hermana Meise 

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