Monday, March 30, 2015

This week's miracles

Hi everyone!

This week we participated in a play with the ward. For the anniversary of the Relief Society, the ward had a big dinner and, as part of it, our Relief Society wanted to put on a play and asked us to participate. It was a portrayal of the story of the 10 virgins and we were asked to be some of the five wise ones. It was awesome!  Here is a picture of all of us in our outfits:

Miracle one of the week: Last Sunday, this woman named Sandra showed up at the church with her two daughters. They literally just showed up, didn't come with any missionaries or any members. Hermana Barrios and I didn't see her until after the second hour as she was leaving because it was our turn to be in with the youth Sunday School class instead of Gospel Principles. A few days later, we got a call from the Bishop saying she lives in our area and he gave us all the information we needed to go visit her. She is SO awesome! She just came here from Mexico recently with her daughters and she has had it pretty rough, both in Mexico and here. She told us that her brother is a member in Washington and that she was talking to him and he told her "Look, if you want to find the true church and be with people who will love you and be your family, go to this address at this time." And she did! So awesome. We also invited her to come to the General Women's Meeting with us and she and her daughters did. When we asked her what her favorite part was, she said "I can really relate to the woman who was at the temple with her two daughters in the video. It gave me hope. I want to get there someday." She is so wonderful.
the video:

Miracle two: Our investigator Aide came with us to church! Originally, we were teaching her mom but she wasn't very interested. Out of nowhere, we realized that Aide was. She's come to mutual before but this was her first Sunday at church. A few hours after church, she sent us a text saying how grateful she was that we invited her to church, how it helped her realize a lot of things, and how she's excited for next week. It was awesome to see her have such a positive experience. It was the day of testimonies and a few of the young women went up and shared their testimonies about how the gospel has affected their lives and we think that helped her more than anything to understand how the gospel can help her personally. Members are so powerful.

Have a great week!


Hermana Meise

From a baby shower Hermana Gifford and I attended:

Zone P-day at the Tulip Farm...



  1. Yay for lots of pictures! She looks so happy and as beautiful as ever :)

  2. Love the miracles, and love her SO much. She sent a little birthday card to Kaia with a cute picture she drew and Kaia's reaction to the drawing was priceless!!!