Monday, July 21, 2014

He knows every desire of our hearts and every burden we carry

Hi everyone!

We had a few really cool things happen this week. It was an incredibly fast week, but I feel like I always say that.

We were able to see Lupe again, the woman whose groceries we helped carry. She was really happy to see us and we were able to sit and talk with her for a while about things that are going on in her life and how having a relationship with God and Jesus Christ can help her to have peace in whatever situation she might be in. She's going through some really hard things right now and she said that the day we came, it'd been so hard that she couldn't really get out of bed. At the end, she really didn't want us to leave and told us we could come back whenever and if she wasn't there, we could talk with her mom.

On Friday, we were planning on taking our investigator, Juan, with us and Carlos to do a church tour. When we went over to his house for our weekly appointment, he wasn't there. We were a little disappointed and decided to return the following morning. When we did, a woman who we didn't recognize came to the door, took one look at us and said, "Oh my gosh, you're MORMONS!"  We were like, "Uh...yeah, that's us!" Then she said, "I was praying this morning that some Mormons would come see me because I really need some prayers today and just right before the doorbell rang I said to my niece, 'I hope Mormons come see me today'." It turned out that this was Juan's daughter.  We sat with her for a long time while she told us everything that she believes and feels and thinks about Christ and literally everything she said was doctrine of the church (it was insane, all the big things way down to the little things like the importance of journaling). It was amazing, there were a lot of tears shed by all and I could feel how incredibly much God loves this sweet woman, Sylvia, who is constantly seeking direction and guidance from Him.

That experience was one of those things that just doesn't happen by coincidence. We weren't supposed to be at Juan's that morning and neither was Sylvia. Was it by chance that we knocked on Juan's door seconds after Sylvia told her niece she "hoped Mormons would come see her today"? Absolutely not. That experience was evidence of a loving Father in Heaven who is constantly and acutely aware of us. He knows every desire of our hearts and every burden we carry. It was humbling to have the opportunity to be sent as the answer to Sylvia's pleading prayer for comfort. I read this scripture this week and was reminded how much I love it:

"Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me." (1 Nephi 21:16)

God is constantly aware of and concerned for us. I can testify of this not only because I've felt it for myself, but I've seen the evidence of it in the lives of other people as well. At times in life, we may turn our backs on Him of our own free will but He will always be our ever-loving, ever-merciful, ever-concerned Father whose hand is always extended toward us, ready to lift us up the very second we will allow Him to.

Okay, some other side notes: I got my contacts! Thanks for that. Also, could you send my coconut oil under my sink in the bathroom? I think a while ago you asked if I needed Zyrtec. I don't. I've been taking local honey for my allergies (do I sound like a real Oregon hippy or what?) so I only take Zyrtec once a week. 

I still haven't received anything in the mail from Dalene.  Am I supposed to or was it just the email? Also, could you send me that bag I have my jewelry in? Also, granola bars. I can't think of anything else I need.

We went to Tigard and on the way back we saw a Panera Bread Restaurant and stopped. I was so excited! Yes, I got the broccoli soup even though it is, in fact, July.

Have a great week!


Hermana Meise

P.S. Here is a photo and video from our "Fear vs. Faith" lesson at our District Meeting last week:

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