Monday, July 28, 2014

A hike, monster kitten and exploding what?

Hi everyone!

I can't believe it's almost August!!! So crazy.

Well, this week was one of those where everything fell through. Almost all of the lessons we had planned just didn't happen for one reason or another, out of our control.

We did still have some good things happen this week, though. Last Monday was Zone P-day which basically just means that our whole zone gets together and does something. This time, we drove out to Tillamook State Forest and went on a hike to a waterfall. Once we got to the waterfall, we all split up and spent some time studying the scriptures. It was a really good experience. I'm grateful to be a part of the zone that I am and to be working with the missionaries that I do.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was that we had interviews with President Samuelian. As always, it was a really great experience. I really love him. It's just great to be around him and talk to him and feel of his spirit and love. He always just makes me feel calm and more secure in the promptings I feel like I've received. He helps me to trust myself and that's what most of my interview centered on, trusting what my heart is telling me and not be afraid.

So, a couple of funny things happened this week.  Remember I told you about Sister M. and how she has all the cats? And the new kitten? Well, that kitten is pretty grown now; he has real claws but he still thinks he's a kitten. We definitely spoiled him by petting him so much because now he just jumps right onto our laps. However, a lot of the time he can't quite jump high enough so he'll just sink his claws into whatever he can and pull himself up that way. Usually, he uses the chair but the other day my arm got in the way and he clawed his way up my arm into my lap. And then, because I had this cat rubbing all over me, the scratches got irritated because of my allergies and swelled up. That little kitten has turned into a monster. By the way, I've never seen so many cats in my life as I've seen in Oregon. EVERYONE has multiple cats and there's tons of strays as well.

As we were sitting in the car waiting for our interviews (we were the first people at the church, even before President; aren't you proud, Dad?) Sister McCrite and I were just talking and she had her bag in her lap. All of a sudden, there was this SUPER loud popping noise from inside her bag. Did you know that if you put a bag of frozen blueberries in your purse and forget about it for five days, it explodes? Well, it does. Hahaha. It made us laugh a lot, though.

Yeah, I can teach Taylor's friend! I'll ask about how to set that up. Love you!

Have a good week!



Note from Mom:  She didn't send any pictures this week AGAIN.  I was able to get the picture above and the pictures below from a mom of another missionary in her zone.  Let's see if we can play "Where's Hermana Meise?" with these...

nope, she's not in this one
 or this one
 wait, is that her behind the tree?
 There she is!  Do you see the blonde ponytail?

It really does look like a beautiful place!

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