Monday, July 7, 2014

Oh, the things that can happen when you knock on a door...

Hi everyone!

Hope you had a great Fourth of July. Ours was awesome. We had a meeting all afternoon and by the time we got out it was dinner time. We ended up at a party thrown by one of my absolute favorite families in the whole world. They had food and fireworks and a lot of the ward was there. I love Sister N. so incredibly much. She is one of those people that makes us feel like family and makes sure we're always taken care of with everything. She is also one of the most genuinely sweet and kind women I have ever known. They have a daughter named Rosie who is also so sweet and comes out with us sometimes to lessons. Definitely one of those families I'm coming back to visit after my mission.

Rosie actually came with us this past Wednesday to make a few visits. We met some really sweet families that we're going back to teach this week and we're really excited. One of the houses we went to go visit had this cat sitting outside the door. One of the things I dislike most about cats is how they can sense when people don't like them/are allergic and will immediately flock to that person. That's exactly what this cat did. Rosie is terrified of cats so, of course, it made a beeline right for her. When it got up, we realized it was missing one of its legs in the back and only had this stumpy thing. That REALLY freaked Rosie out. The person we were trying to visit didn't answer the door so we quickly left and ended up being chased halfway down the street by this stumpy, limping, hobbling cat. It was pretty entertaining.

We had a pretty significant miracle this week. For a while, we've been trying to teach Juan's (our recent convert) sister, Clara, and her family. They came to Juan's baptism before I got here and called the missionaries that day to ask if they could please bring over the restoration video they had shown at Juan's baptism because they really loved it. So they brought the DVD over that night and had an amazing lesson with them. After the lesson, however, when Clara's husband found out, he was really upset and forbid them to have anything to do with the missionaries. I guess he travels to Utah frequently for work and has had some negative experiences with some members of the church. Clara wanted to continue to take the lessons behind her husband's back. The sisters went over to her house to talk to her about it and explained that they really couldn't come and teach if her husband was not okay with it and Clara's daughters were crying and it sounds like it was just really difficult. We've always kept Clara in the back of our minds, though, and stopped by periodically just to say hi. On Saturday, we stopped by to do just that. We were pretty shocked when it was her husband that opened the door. We braced ourselves for some sort of confrontation or yelling but he very kindly said that he was the only one home but that everyone would be home tomorrow and we could stop by then. We were so shocked we hardly knew what to say. When we went back on Sunday, he was just as nice. He periodically walked through the lesson and would ask his daughters what they were learning and give them high fives for their answers and say things like "make sure you pay attention so you can teach daddy later!" He was genuinely excited that we were there and that we were teaching his daughters. It was the biggest change of heart I have ever seen. Heavenly Father has definitely been working on this man and softening his heart these last few months. And his daughters are amazing. They are so excited about the gospel and so hungry to know more and learn everything they can.

We also met this week with another man. He goes to a Seventh Day Adventist church around here but it's very obvious that his preacher is very animated because when he starts talking about God he gets VERY animated as well. It was a really fun lesson. At the end, we prayed holding hands which actually has happened quite frequently since coming on a mission. I kind of like it.

That's all of the exciting stuff for this week!

I love you! Have a good week! Make sure to send videos of Hudson!



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