Monday, July 13, 2015

Two weeks in one!

Hi everyone! 

This week, I'm going to give explanations for all my pictures from last week and the new ones from this week. Hopefully by doing so, I'll catch you up on all the craziness that has been happening around here.

Last week, I went on an exchange with one of our Sister Training Leaders, Sister Mower. It was awesome. She really wants to learn Spanish so it was really cool to be able to teach her a little bit. She was excited to be able to learn. We had a super yummy healthy lunch that day and she wanted to take a picture so we did. Super yummy cherries from our ward mission leader. The BEST.

We were talking to our investigator, Maria, about how we really want to learn to make Mexican food so we can cook it when we go home. She invited us over to teach us how to make sopes! Basically, you make a really thick homemade tortilla and then you put it on a griddle until it gets pretty cooked, then you take it off and push down the edges to make this kind of ridge around it to make it kind of like a little bowl.  Then you fry it. Well, our job was to push down the edges right after it came off the griddle and my finger got SO burned and blistered. It was awesome, though, and so delicious!

The next few pictures are of the Activity Day girls. They had an Activity Day Girl Sleepover Thursday at the Wests. Every Thursday we go to the Wests for dinner so it was PERFECT because we got to be there for the first little part of the sleepover which was so fun. We shared a lesson about how each of them is a princess because Heavenly Father is their Father and he's a king! We then made crowns with them so these are some pictures of them making their crowns and then after posing as a group. The world's cutest girls; I seriously love them!

The next picture is from the Fourth of July.  Every day we recite certain scriptures and quotes but on the 4th we decided that it was only fitting we recite the Pledge of Allegiance, too!  We made our own flag out of paper (on the wall behind me) and said the Pledge of Allegiance.

Later in the day, we went with an investigator to this amazing aerospace and aviation museum they have here in McMinnville. It was awesome! That's where the next picture comes from.  it's actually a piece of the Berlin Wall! Isn't that crazy?

We went so we could translate for her and it was super fun but I definitely struggled to figure out the vocabulary for WWII planes and missiles and what not. The next couple pictures are from the museum, too. They had this crazy huge rocket.

Bonus photo from a member taken on the 4th of July...saying goodbye to Hermana Johnson:

The next picture is of our air conditioner. We had the Abrams (senior couple from the office) come over because our neighbor's water heater broke and caused some damage on our ceiling. They wanted to see it and, when we opened up the closet to show them where it was, they said, "Is that an air conditioner?" and we said, "Don't know, is it?" and it was! They showed us how to set it up and work it and now we have AIR CONDITIONING!

The last picture is from when we taught primary last week. We talked about Ammon and what it means to be a missionary. Here are all the kids with their pictures!

Okay now for this week...

Next are some pictures from last week saying goodbye to the Aguiar's! They are the BEST. President Aguiar is in the mission presidency and he's a great man. His wife is an absolute angel -- think Sister Nielson. These are the pics they took with Hermana Johnson before she left.

Here are some pics of our district before Hermana Johnson left, too. Clearly, we have fun, AND we get things done.


These are called EMPENADAS from Columbia! They are SO GOOD. You bite off the end then you spoon that yummy green avocado sauce inside and eat it. SO YUMMY. Our investigator, Marta, made them for us, (She's the one we went to the museum with.) She's in the white dress with her friend and her mom.

Here's a selfie of all of us together:

The next picture is from Sister Johnson's last FHE (Family Home Evening) at the Wests. The Wests have these SUPER SOFT bunnies so we were holding them for Sister Johnson's last time. I don't look that happy because I was holding the fiesty one and he was scratching me like crazy!

I got my new trainee!!!! She's AMAZING! Her name is Hermana Stevens and, get this, she was friends with Hermana Gifford in High School! How weird is that? She's from Draper, UT. She is SO excited to be a missionary. Her Spanish is amazing. She is so sweet and kind, and she's ready to work! We've been able to see so much success and teach so much this week and it's been amazing.

I'm not sure if I've explained before how the training meeting works but, basically, we meet at a chapel in Newberg and all the trainers stand outside with signs and balloons as the new trainees pull into the parking lot. Everyone screams. It's like this whole big thing and it's awesome! Hermana Stevens said as soon as she got out of the van and saw me, she knew I was her trainer and when I first saw her walking up, I knew she was mine. It was awesome.

And now here are pictures of our new district! We added a companionship and it's great!

So this picture...

We were walking down the street for our dinner appointment and walked past this yard. We just had to take a picture. I don't know how well you can see it but this is totally bushes carved into a giraffe and some other animal.

Yesterday, we went to one of the cities we're in charge of called Amity to visit some people. We actually ended up running into Gustavo's cousin! How crazy is that? But, as we were driving back to McMinnville at night, we caught this view and had to stop on the side of the road to take a few pictures. Beautiful, right?

Also, I wanted to take this picture to show you I finished that journal you sent me for Christmas, Mom. I've been using it as my study journal so each day, I write in it our plans for the things we're going to teach everyone and insights I gain as I study for them. And it's all finished! Now I'm going to use my red one (thanks, Aunt Betty Ann!) for my study journal and regular journal.

Well, I think that's everything! I love my companion and my area and these people and everything. And I love you so much and hope you have the best week! 


Hermana Meise

Bonus photo from a member:  Hermana Meise meets up with Hermana McCrite (former companion) at transfer meeting:

Additionally, this is what Hermana Meise said in her personal email to me regarding her new companion, Hermana Stevens:

I'm so happy with my new companion! She's amazing. I am so impressed with her. She is going to be an amazing missionary. Now I understand why President is having her be trained in six weeks, because she doesn't even need all 12! She's so awesome. I'm so grateful to be a missionary and I love that I get to serve the Lord here. Really seriously is a privilege.

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